Michael R Burke Free Meditation Series

Free Pet Meditations

4 Easy Meditations to Relax You & Improve Your Pet's Behavior

With world-renowned Animal Communicator, Behavior Consultant, Meditation Teacher & Intuitive Life Coach Michael R. Burke

Transform your pet's behavior by calming your mind & energy using my Free Meditations to use before a walk, when creating new better behavior, and to free yourself of stress & tension while serving the animals you love.


Meet Michael

My mission is to help people better understand and communicate with their animals and overcome behavioral challenges.  

I communicate with animals intuitively in order to answer questions, find solutions and provide people and animals with peace, harmony, confidence and clarity.  

I also coach people on how to improve their energy, find balance, clear blocks and achieve their goals with their pets.  

During an animal communication session with me, you will receive guidance and support regarding behavior issues, health challenges, emotional obstacles, end of life crossroads and afterlife communication.  

My unique approach combines my background as an intuitive and coach along with my experience as a Courses Trainer, Behaviorist, & Meditation Instructor at Cesar Millan's Dog Psychology Center focusing on dog psychology, behavior and training, and energy healing.

Over the years working with many clients and students facing various circumstances, I have found there to be a common thread - people are often not calm...they are tense, they are anxious, they are stressed.  

Our energy effects our animal's energy and if we are tense, our animals will feel it and will become tense, potentially leading to behaviors and situations we want to avoid.  

I have created these meditations based on some of the biggest challenges people face with their animals. Using these meditations will help you calm your own energy so you can be the calm and confident leader your animals need.  

Use them before you begin your day, before you walk your dog or during a walk, use them to overcome behavioral challenges, and use them to free yourself from any emotions that weigh you down and hold you back from helping your animals to the best of your abilities.

Download Your Free Meditations

4 Easy Meditations to Relax You & Improve Your Pet's Behavior

  • Meditation 1: Release tension & create calm before your walk
  • Meditation 2: Build an energetic foundation for new good behavior
  • Meditation 3: Overcome compassion fatigue
  • Meditation 4: Become a calm & confident leader for your pets

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